The Bath Rod &Gun Club

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The Bath Rod and Gun Club was established in 1886 and its meetings at the time were held in the homes of its members.  It is now located at 7771 Telegraph Rd PO Box 764 Bath, NY, 14810.  Its facilities include a club house, indoor rifle and pistol range, skeet and trap fields, 5 stand field, outdoor rifle range, and sporting clays field.  The club has been at this location since 1939. 

   The Bath Rod and Gun Club is much more than just a shooting club.  It has numerous social activities that the whole family can enjoy.  Every Sunday morning members as well as non members can go out and enjoy a great breakfast, there are great dinners put on by the club for different events, such as the Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner coming up for St Patrick's Day, that all can enjoy, and it also sponsors a local little league team and has done so for years.


The Bath Rod and Gun Club Patch

We need more volunteers to help with Sunday Morning Breakfasts.  And anyone interested in Bartending, we always need help in that department.  Come get involved.